Usher In Quality 4.0 With Digital Quality Management System

Digital Quality Management System, Protecting Manufacturers’ Reputation and Revenue

Quality Management Systems (QMS) is a key element in Industry 4.0. All manufacturing organizations need it, as it enables manufacturers to electronically monitor, control and record into documents of their quality processes. This in turn ensures that their products are manufactured within high quality parameters, complying with all applicable standards, and do not contain any defects in the outflow of the product. In order to become a core element of Quality 4.0, a sound and strong Quality Management System takes into account people, process and technology to deliver the best manufacturing outputs.

  • Organize: Organizing is the process of translating policies that describes quality procedures, processes, instructions & segregation of the contents that are defined.
  • Analyze: Analyzing is the process of transforming the policies into processes and instructions to achieve the computed defined standards.
  • Finalize: Finalizing is the process of transcription that take actionable measures by systemic and methodical approach.

The Different Approaches and Scopes for Digital Quality Management System

Defect Detection, digital QMS for defect detection works with quick identification of defective or anomalous defects on the complex physical surfaces by leveraging the deep learning technology using advanced vision system. This helps the manufacturing sector reduce rejection costs. Detection of defects in early stages of manufacturing helps reduce operational costs.

  • Global visibility across distributed operations
  • Enforcement of process to ensure compliance.
  • Event monitoring and early trend escalation
  • Global risk management
  • Automatic containment of suspect items
  • Intelligent root-cause analysis
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Adaptable best practices
  • Enterprise scalability

Digital Quality Management System in Action

Affine’s Manufacturing Centre Of Excellence has a strong Digital QMS system in place for our manufacturing customers. We have delivered pathbreaking projects in this space. One of the examples is of Surface Defect Detection.

About The Author(s):

The blog is a result of research efforts conducted by Affine’s Manufacturing CoE team, our Centre of Excellence which exists for the sole purpose of hyper-innovation in the manufacturing space. The Manufacturing CoE is a dedicated in-house team responsible to continuously innovate manufacturing solutions and services powered by AI, AE & Cloud capabilities. Our enterprise-grade solutions are new, hot, happening, futuristic and the next big thing in Industry 4.0.



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