The Emergence of Augmented Analytics & How it is Helping to Create a Data-Driven Organization?

Let’s start with the big picture!

Terminology of Augmented Analytics

Gartner- Augmented analytics uses machine learning to automate data preparation, insight discovery, data science, and machine learning model development and insight sharing for a broad range of business users, operational workers, and citizen data scientists.

What does it offer?

  • Improved relevance and business insights: Helps to identify false or less relevant insights, minimizes the risk of missing imperative insights in data, navigates to actionable insights to users, and empowers decision-making abilities and actions.
  • Faster & near-perfect insights: Greatly reduces the time spent in data discovery and exploration, provides near-perfect data insights to business users, and helps them augment the data analysis with AI/ML algorithms.
  • Insights made available everywhere & anywhere: The flexibility and compatibility of augmented analytics expand the data reach across the workflow, beyond citizen data scientists, and operational teams who can leverage the insights with less effort.
  • Enable less dependency on skill constraints: You don’t need to rely more on data scientists anymore. With the help of advanced AI/ML algorithms; augmented analytics fills the required skill constraints helping organizations to do more with technology than humans’ intervention in data analytics and management process.

Traditional BI Vs. Augmented Analytics

With Augmented Analytics in place businesses can:

  • Perform hassle-free data analysis to meet the business objectives
  • Improve the ability to identify the root cause of data analysis challenges and problems
  • Unearth hidden growth opportunities without investing additional efforts
  • Democratize enterprise-wide insights in a BI perspective to enhance the business performance
  • Opportunities to turn actionable data insights into business outcomes

Summing Up

The world is changing into a data world, and the data is now shaping up beyond big data. Countless devices are connected to each other and produce new data sets every passing day and minute. These data sets are processed and stored in a more complex form to create insightful information; hence businesses need to invest and start using robust analytical systems and AI assistance to make sense of their efforts in the data analytics journey. On the other hand, the need to democratize analytics and upsurge productivity; businesses need to innovate and change their legacy approaches. Augmented analytics is proving one such opportunity to uplift the existing and new business objectives to stay ahead in the race. Invest wisely and make the best use of Augmented Analytics to create a data-driven organization, ensuring success.



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