See The World Through Your Lens: Introducing Next-Gen AI Satellite Image Segmentation Solution “TELESCOPE”

What is Telescope?

It’s a next-generation AI satellite image segmentation solution capable of resolving complex business and significant operational requirements. Telescope uses a machine learning framework to classify information in a digital image (i.e., buildings, roads, grasslands). It then generates output segmentation data, which can be utilized for diverse business purposes such as pattern identification and object tracking.

  • Telescope uses a cutting-edge combination of Computer Vision and GIS technologies that allows to automatically retrieve high-resolution satellite images of sites with up to 100 square km of magnification
  • It enables single or multiple pairs of lat-long parameters or location names in various formats
  • Uses a Deep Learning Feature Pyramid Network (FPN) model with a point rend module for precisely predicting the label maps
  • It will allow you to assess variations in water bodies or land shapes like dams, rivers, deserts, and mountains

What is More Exciting About Telescope?

  • Its segmentation technique automates the process of extracting structures like land, lake, etc., from satellite images without the requirement of any advanced skills in Computer Vision or geospatial data
  • It has been built using advanced image processing algorithms, offering the most accurate results and seamless integration with real-time API services
  • The solution can be readily incorporated into current corporate GIS systems or used as a standalone solution to handle geographic data
  • Exports multiple high-resolution images leveraging Google Maps as a default source for satellite images
  • Highly interactive dashboard for reporting and visualization
  • Highly accurate percentage-wise representation of the areas covered in various categories
  • Save your planning time up to 70% and costs up to 30%

A Bigger Picture Beyond the Flaws

Whether it’s a mission for any uniformed forces, monitoring catastrophic events, feasibility analysis for mobile tower setup, or planning a smart city, Telescope is a one-in-all solution for your business need. Request a demo to learn how to leverage this solution for your business need. Be ahead of the technology crux!



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