Metaverse — More Than Just A Hype

What is the Metaverse?

The Pandemic Aftermath

The Covid 19 pandemic brought the world to its heels and shifted the dynamic of everyday life for people. While it has been a testing time for many, it also normalized the work-from-home culture, virtually connecting with team members across multiple countries and continents.

Facebook’s Vision

The Holy Union of Physical and Virtual Worlds

While many rushed to the conclusion that Metaverse may make everything virtual, Facebook’s vision is different and unique.

The Role of Virtual Reality Tech

It is easy to dismiss the concept of Metaverse as nothing but a fad, a trend that will fade out, but Facebook has had this vision a long time back. The acquisition of Oculus in 2014 shows that it was not just a casual business move but a foresight into the next big-tech phenomenon.

More than Just Gaming

Epic showed its version of the Metaverse, albeit with a sneak peek in the form of a concert by the American rapper Travis Scott which garnered an attendance of over 12 million players online!

In-World Advertising Will Define Brands

With the Metaverse, the virtual Marketplace will become an industry norm. Brands will transform their advertising, making them a memorable experience rather than the intrusive pop-ups and forced ads we see today.


Metaverse is conceptualizing into a reality, accompanied by its own set of challenges, as with any bleeding-edge technology. While technological constraints are always there, privacy concerns are hard to ignore.



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