Evolution Of Human Resource In The New World Of Technology

How has the Human Resources changed with time?

Of all the departments and functions in a corporate organization, Human Resource is the one function related to employees’ personal aspects. The entire employee job cycle is taken care of by the Human Resources (HR), ranging from hiring, compensation, leave management, employee satisfaction, development, and growth till exit. This function requires personal involvement and conscience that may vary from person to person.

But what if these two aspects are related?

The challenges related to HR, like Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, development of the leaders, competitive compensation, global outreach of businesses, and various other factors have stimulated extensive innovation in the HR field. For instance, more than 92% of the recruiters have turned their trust into Social Media hiring in the recent decade rather than organic hiring methods. More than 3% recruiters use “Snapchat” as a recruiting channel, moving beyond LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Below are some of such instances that bring HR and Technology together.

Human Capital Management in Unprecedented Times

COVID-19 has undoubtedly helped change the mindset of protagonists across the Corporate industry, especially in India. Such technological innovations help manage talent with training, onboarding, hiring, inductions, etc. over screens as work from home becomes the new normal.

HR and Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) uses algorithms for automated data analysis to create automated analytical models. HR deals with massive data sets from Recruitment and the Employee Database. ML technology helps HR improve the efficiency of initial research with dedicated hours to acquiring next-level results. So far, in Human Resources, machine learning applications are confined mainly to the Recruitment process. However, it will be exciting to oversee the advancements in this field.

HR and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing ensures using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet instead of a personal computer or a local server. It helps data processing by storing and managing valuable information over the cloud, enabling the HR department to push its expertise into the middle and higher-level leadership, resulting in efficient business performance and execution. When the data on performance, attendance, track of time, etc. gets automated, the focus can be shifted to increasing productivity, transforming the HR department from being a cost center to generating revenues.



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