Detectron2 FPN + PointRend Model for amazing Satellite Image Segmentation


Data Preparation for Modeling

Fig 1: Sample image with corresponding annotated RGB mask from the training dataset

Model understanding

Basic FPN Model

Fig 2: Feature Pyramid Network (FPN) mode process flow (Image Source [1])

PointRend Model

Points Selection Strategy

Fig 3: Point selection strategy demonstration (Image source [2])

Point-Wise Predictions

Combined Model (FPN + PointRend) Flow

Fig 4: PointRend model process flow (Image source [2])
Fig 5: PointRend model upsampling and point-wise prediction demo for 4*4 course prediction vector (Image source [2])


Fig 6: Sample predictions from UNet and Detectron2 model. Per image left is the prediction from UNet model, the middle is original RGB image and right is the prediction from Detectron2 model





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