Cloud’s Role In The Rise Of Gaming

Cloud is the Backbone of the ‘Always Online’ Culture

The lack of proper infrastructure in the previous generation limited gaming options to local play, offline games, and LAN parties at best.

Gaming on Demand will be a Reckoning Force in the Future of Gaming

Gaming on-demand or gaming as a service is growing by the day and will shape the path of gaming as it did with content consumption via streaming. Steam link, Nvidia GameStream PS4 RemotePlay and many such services offer gaming to the end-user on reasonably fast internet. Gaming hardware bundled with free games and discounts still comes with the invisible baggage of limitations owing to short cycle yearly tech upgrades in the gaming industry, nullifying the economy factor in gaming.

Cloud Gaming will be the Netflix of Games

While Netflix is testing waters and entering the gaming domain with mobile games, cloud gaming is an underlying phenomenon that will transform the industry and cement its position as the next chapter in gaming.


Spending for modern hardware every 2–3 years at inflated astronomical prices in the current economy is not practical for players. Not to mention the pile-up of hardware junk which is not sustainable for a green future. A subscription model, in the long run, is a better alternative.



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