Cloud Analytics To Improve The Clout Of Indie Games

The Rise of Indie Games

Many factors have contributed to the rise of Indie games.

Indie Marketing — A Challenge That Cloud Can Address

We see a regular churning out of tons of indie games. The segment is one of the most competitive. For successful indie titles like Celeste and Minecraft, hundreds of games go unnoticed.

Data Collection, Analytics, and ROI (Return on Investment)

With the advent of digital marketing, the term “marketing” is thrown around like confetti, and small, less experienced businesses like indie game studios find it challenging as much is lost in translation.

Game Analytics — A Must-have Solution for Indie Game Studios

We saw the advantages of cloud-based analytics solutions for marketing. Now, let us look at game analytics that can help indie studios tweak their games and release updates and patches that result in increased player engagement and game lifetime overall.

Cloud Solutions for Indie Game Studios are Not Only Imminent, but Imperative

Even the Silicon Valley giants have acknowledged that the cloud is paving the way for gaming and have introduced multiple cloud-based gaming services.



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