CatBoost — A new game of Machine Learning

Why CatBoost?

Better Results

GBDT Algorithms Benchmark

Faster Predictions

Left: CPU, Right: GPU

Batteries Included

GBDT Algorithms with default parameters Benchmark

Battle Tested

The Algorithm

Classic Gradient Boosting

Gradient Boosting on Wikipedia

CatBoost Secret Sauce

Categorical Feature Handling

Ordered Target Statistic

One Hot Encoding

CatBoost’s Secret Sauce

Ordered Boosting

Catboost Ordered Boosting and Tree Building

Tuning Catboost

Important Parameters

Model Exploration with Catboost

Catboost’s Feature Importance
Catboost’s Feature Interactions
Catboost’s Object Importance
SHAP values can be used for other ensembles as well
Image taken from CatBoost official documentation:

Building highly accurate models at blazing speeds



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